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“El Peque” & Carolina Giannini at La Ventana – Istanbul 2024

Show Performance – Guillerme “El Peque” Barrionuevo and Carolina Giannini at La Ventana Tango Festival Istanbul 2024


At the recent Tango Show, Guillerme “El Peque” Barrionuevo and Carolina Giannini delivered a mesmerizing performance that vividly told a story of love and rejection. The duo captivated the audience with their impeccable technique and profound emotional expression.

Their dance, based on a Turkish Song about Istanbul, started with symbolizing the blossoming of love. El Peque’s powerful yet graceful movements conveyed strength and passion, while Carolina’s fluid and expressive steps portrayed vulnerability and longing. The interplay between the dancers created an intense and dynamic flow, drawing the audience into their narrative.

As the music swelled, their story unfolded, depicting moments of joy and intimacy, followed by tension and discord. The choreography skillfully illustrated the pain of rejection, with Carolina’s graceful spins and dramatic pauses reflecting heartache and resilience, and El Peque’s sharp, decisive steps expressing frustration and sorrow.

The performance concluded with a poignant separation, leaving a lasting impression of their emotional journey. Guillerme and Carolina’s captivating storytelling through tango showcased their extraordinary talent and left the audience spellbound, proving once again the power of dance to convey deep, universal emotions.

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